What is Stuckmate?
Stuckmate is a snowmobile accessory for use when your sled is stuck that allows you to operate the throttle while pulling on the ski – giving you that extra hand when you need it.

A great addition to your emergency kit. Stuckmate is a mechanical device with a handlebar mounted throttle clip connected by a 6 foot cable to an actuator gun. It weighs less than a pound and rolls up into a 9 inch square bag that is kept in the storage compartment of your snowmobile.

Why Do I Need A Stuckmate?
When a snowmobile gets stuck it is a common practice to have one or two people pull on your skis while you actuate the throttle. If you happen to be riding alone, it is not possible to pull on the ski and actuate the throttle by yourself. It is always recommended to never ride alone but those situations do arise when you are by yourself or with just one other rider. Stuckmate also saves you from digging and packing snow, and lifting the sled, all of which can be extremely strenuous and can cause additional health and safety concerns.

How Does Stuckmate Work?
Safety first! Make sure your snowmobile is turned off and attach the Stuckmate tether cord to your wrist. Clear the area in front of the sled (the exit path).

The Stuckmate’s spring-loaded throttle clip is attached to the thumb actuated throttle of the machine and the handlebar mount and handlebar strap is then attached to the sled’s handlebar. At the other end of the Stuckmate’s cable is the actuator gun with trigger. When positioned properly, gently squeezing on the actuator gun’s trigger will put controlled pressure on the thumb actuated throttle. You control how much or how little throttle is applied. The 6 foot cable allows the rider to stand on either side of the sled and pull forward on the ski tip while simultaneously actuating the throttle to get the sled’s track moving. Stuckmate helps you get the sled out from its stuck position and back on top of the snow.

Is It Safe To Use?
As with all things snowmobile related, you must exercise caution at all times. Reading and understanding the Stuckmate’s instructions is important. Learning how to install Stuckmate before it is needed is recommended. Inspect your Stuckmate before each use. Stuckmate should not be used if it appears to be damaged or altered in any way.

Stuckmate is built from material that will function properly in -40 degree conditions. It should be stored in its storage bag to eliminate contamination. The stainless steel parts will not rust or corrode. Should the throttle become stuck for any reason and the machine starts to pull away, the tether cord will remain attached to your wrist and Stuckmate will break away from your handlebar and will cease actuating the throttle.

How Do I Get One?
Check with your nearest snowmobile dealer or order one online. Replacement parts and instructions are also available.